Bedding & Substrates

The right bedding keeps your hamster comfortable and the cage clean. Consider these bedding options:

  • Paper Bedding – Unscented paper bedding made from recycled paper is highly absorbent and soft for burrowing. It’s a great choice for most hamsters.
  • Aspen Shavings – Aspen wood shavings provide burrowing opportunities. Ensure they are kiln-dried and dust-free. Avoid cedar or pine shavings.
  • Hay – Incorporating a handful of timothy or meadow hay into the substrate encourages natural foraging and nest building.
  • Fabric – Using unscented flannel or cotton for nesting areas gives hamsters cozy material for bedding down.
  • Paper Towels – Unscented paper towels work well for quick spot cleaning of soiled areas to maintain cleanliness between full changes.
  • Avoid Corn Cob – Corn cob beddings can cause intestinal blockages if eaten and don’t control odor well. They are not recommended.
  • Hemp Fiber – Hemp is gaining popularity for its ultra-absorbency and odor control. Ensure any hemp bedding is unscented.
  • Steer Clear of Fluff – Avoid using fabric fuzz, cotton balls, or polyester stuffing as nesting material. Hamsters may try ingesting it.

When selecting bedding, choose unscented, organic materials known to be safe for hamsters to promote healthy behaviors and maintain cleanliness.

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