Chinchilla Activities

Chinchillas are active, energetic pets that need plenty of opportunities to exercise and play. Providing a variety of activities is essential for their physical and mental health.

  • Out of cage time – Chinchillas should be allowed out of their cage for supervised playtime every day. Make sure their play area is chinchilla-proofed and safe.
  • Forage and chew toys – Scatter healthy chinchilla treats and chew toys around their play area to encourage natural foraging behaviors. Apple sticks, willow sticks, and chew blocks satisfy their need to gnaw.
  • Exercise wheels – A large, solid surface exercise wheel allows chinchillas to run and jump. Check that the wheel has no crossbars they could injure their feet or tails on.
  • Fun structures – Tunnels, ramps, ledges, and platforms make great playground equipment. Sturdy materials like untreated wood are ideal for building platforms and climbing structures.
  • Dust baths – Chinchillas need regular dust baths 2-3 times per week to clean their dense fur and promote healthy skin. Provide a shallow container filled with chinchilla dust.
  • Supervision – Always supervise your chinchilla’s playtime. Make sure they don’t chew on unsafe materials or escape. Interact with them by providing toys and safe treats.

Providing engaging activities every day stimulates chinchillas mentally and physically. Make sure their toys are safe and rotated frequently to prevent boredom. With ample opportunity for exercise and play, chinchillas can thrive as active, healthy pets.

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