Snacks For Chinchillas

Chinchillas are cute, furry pets that need a healthy diet to stay happy and active. While chinchillas should get most of their nutrition from a balanced chinchilla food, treats can be an enjoyable part of their diet when given in moderation. When choosing snacks for chinchillas, be sure to select healthy options that will not upset their sensitive digestive system.

  • Variety – Chinchillas enjoy and benefit from a variety of healthy snacks. Some good options are timothy hay cubes, dried herbs, and very small pieces of fruits and veggies. Rotate different snacks to keep things interesting.
  • Fiber – Snacks for chinchillas should be high in fiber to support healthy digestion. Timothy hay, dried grasses, and leafy greens are great choices. Stay away from sugary fruits.
  • Portion control – Chinchillas have tiny tummies so they only need a pinch or two of any treat. Overfeeding treats can lead to obesity and health issues. Follow treat package instructions carefully.
  • Natural and Safe – Make sure any snack you offer is all-natural with no artificial ingredients, sugars, or preservatives. Do not give chinchillas human treats that may contain unsafe ingredients. Stick to simple, healthy options.
  • Hydration – Provide plenty of clean, fresh water along with any treats. Hydration aids digestion.

Following these snack guidelines will help ensure your chinchilla’s treat time is a fun, healthy addition to their diet. Be sure to continue offering a high-quality chinchilla food as their dietary staple. With a balanced approach, snacks can be an enjoyable part of caring for your pet chinchilla.

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