Cage Setup

The right hamster cage setup keeps your pet happy, active, and healthy. Follow these tips:

  • Get the Biggest Possible – Hamsters are active and need lots of space. Look for the largest cages available and meet minimum size guidelines for your hamster’s breed.
  • Choose the Right Bedding – Use paper-based bedding or aspen shavings that absorb odors and provide burrowing material. Avoid cedar, which has fumes.
  • Add Depth – Provide at least 6 inches of bedding for burrowing. Deeper 10-12 inch beds encourage natural behaviors.
  • Include a Wheel – An appropriately sized exercise wheel lets hamsters burn off energy. Ensure solid track wheels to avoid injury.
  • Offer Hiding Spots – Add boxes, tunnels, log hides and huts so your hamster has places to feel secure and retreat from stress.
  • Incorporate Toys – Populate the habitat with chew toys, treat balls, foraging toys and other novel items to prevent boredom. Rotate new toys in weekly.
  • Don’t Crowd Accessories – Leave ample open floor space for running and burrowing despite additions. Never overcrowd the habitat.
  • Choose Accessories Wisely – Select accessories made of safe, chew-resistant material that won’t easily break into hazards.

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