Understanding hamster development helps provide optimal care as they mature. Here are key phases:

  • Newborn Pups – Baby hamsters are called pups. They are born deaf, blind and hairless after a 16-day gestation.
  • 2 Weeks – At 2 weeks old, pups develop fur and open their eyes and ears. They begin exploring outside the nest.
  • 3 Weeks – By 3 weeks, pups are walking, playing, foraging some solid food and can be handled minimally.
  • 4 Weeks – At 4 weeks, pups are weaned from nursing and should be separated by gender to avoid breeding.
  • 6 Weeks – By 6 weeks, young adolescent hamsters reach sexual maturity. Their adult coat is fully grown in.
  • 3 Months – At 3 months old, hamsters are considered juveniles. Their growth plates close around now and adulthood officially begins.
  • 1 Year – Smaller dwarf hamsters reach middle age by 9-12 months old. Syrians reach it closer to 15 months old.
  • Lifespan – On average, smaller hamsters live 2-3 years as pets. Larger Syrians live around 2-2.5 years. With exceptional care, some hamsters reach 4-5 years.

Knowing what life stage your hamster is in allows you to provide optimal care as they grow and mature.

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