Enrichment and Toys

An enriched habitat full of activities stimulates hamsters mentally and physically. Try incorporating these hamster toy ideas:

  • Exercise Wheels – A solid, appropriately sized wheel allows hamsters to burn energy and satisfies their natural migration instinct.
  • Tunnels & Tubes – Interconnected tunnels promote burrowing behavior and exploration. Opt for clear tubing so you can monitor use.
  • Chew Toys – Hard wooden chew sticks, loofahs, and untreated wood blocks help wear down constantly growing teeth.
  • Foraging Toys – Hide small treats in cardboard tubes and boxes to stimulate natural food-seeking behavior.
  • Treat Balls – Fill rolling balls with nibbles for hamsters to bat around and access by nudging through holes.
  • Hideouts – Small wood, ceramic, or fabric huts provide cozy, enclosed spots for resting and feeling secure.
  • Climbing Platforms – Ramps, ladders, and platforms utilize vertical cage space while encouraging climbing.
  • Shreddable Materials – Offer uninked cardboard, toilet paper tubes, and shredded paper for shredding and nest building.
  • Sand Baths – Shallow dishes of sterile chinchilla sand allow hamsters to clean and groom their coat naturally.

Rotate new toys weekly to prevent boredom. Remove and replace any toys showing signs of damage or that pose safety risks. With enriching toys, hamsters tap into their natural behaviors and stay mentally stimulated.

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