Gerbils are active, social pets that make a great small pet choice for beginners. Here’s what new gerbil owners need to know:

Why Gerbils Make Great Pets

  • They are very active and entertaining. Gerbils love to run, jump, and play. It’s fun to watch them explore toys and tubes.
  • They can be handled easily. Gerbils rarely bite and become quite tame with regular handling.
  • They thrive in pairs. Gerbils are social and do best when housed with a same-sex companion.
  • They don’t require lots of space. A 10-20 gallon aquarium tank housing 2 gerbils is sufficient.

First Time Gerbil Owner Tips

Follow these tips for first time gerbil success:

  • Use a tank with a wire lid for ventilation. Tanks are ideal over wire cages which can snag gerbil tails.
  • Use a substrate like aspen bedding. Spot clean soiled areas daily.
  • Provide chew toys and hiding spots. Unpainted wood, cardboard tubes, and huts work well.
  • Feed a quality gerbil food mix. Supplement with timothy hay and limited veggies.
  • Attach a water bottle to tank wall. Refill with fresh water daily.
  • Allow free playtime in a gerbil-proof space. Supervise to prevent escapes.
  • Scoop soiled bedding at least weekly. Deep clean tank monthly.
  • Find an exotic vet to establish care before emergencies occur.

With proper habitat setup, social pairing, and handling, gerbils make fun, active pets for first time owners!

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