Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are endearing, vocal pets that make good starters for first time owners. Here’s what to know if you’re considering guinea pigs:

Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

  • They are gentle and easy to handle. Guinea pigs rarely bite or scratch when approached.
  • They communicate vocally. Guinea pigs make interesting chirps, purrs, and squeals.
  • They are small but full of personality. Their antics and behaviors are fun to watch.
  • They live happily in pairs. Guinea pigs are social and do best with a buddy.

First Time Guinea Pig Owner Tips

Follow these tips for bringing home your first guinea pigs:

  • Adopt in pairs. Guinea pigs depend on companionship from another pig.
  • Provide a large cage or hutch. Minimum size is 7.5 square feet for a pair.
  • Use absorbent bedding like fleece or aspen. Spot clean daily.
  • Feed a diet of hay, pellets, and veggies. Unlimited timothy hay is essential.
  • Provide places to hide like huts or boxes. Guinea pigs feel secure with shelters.
  • Locate an exotic vet before emergencies happen. Guinea pigs need specialized care.
  • Hold and hand feed for daily bonding time.

With proper social pairing, spacious housing, and vet care, guinea pigs make simple, interactive pets for beginners. Their vocalizations and expressive nature make them as entertaining as they are cute!

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