Ideal Conditions/Temperature

Hamsters thrive in consistently mild temperatures and environments. Here are optimal hamster habitat conditions to provide:

  • Air Temperature – Room temperature of 65-75°F is ideal. Avoid dramatic temperature swings. Some breeds like Roborovskis need warmer 70-74°F environments.
  • Nest Temperature – Ensure nesting areas maintain warmer temperatures of 70-80°F to prevent hibernation attempts. Use heat mats or ceramic bulbs over nests if needed.
  • Humidity – The habitat should maintain 35-45% humidity. Lower humidity can dry out hamster’s skin. Higher promotes mold growth.
  • Ventilation – Ensure adequate air circulation in the habitat but avoid drafts. Use wire cage tops with solid sides for balanced airflow.
  • 12-14 Hours of Darkness – Hamsters require a minimum of 12 total hours of darkness per day to mimic natural habits. Keep cages away from artificial light.
  • Quiet Setting – Loud noises and activity stresses hamsters. Place cages away from televisions, radios, and high traffic areas.
  • Clean Environment – Spot clean soiled bedding daily and change all substrate weekly to prevent foul odors that irritate hamster’s sensitive respiratory systems.

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