Nail/Eye/Coat Health

Proper care in key areas keeps your hamster comfortable and healthy.

Nail Health:

  • Trim monthly to prevent overgrowth which can catch and injure hamsters. Use small animal clippers.
  • Check feet weekly for excessively long nails. Long nails also make walking difficult.
  • Provide rough surfaces like textured stones for hamsters to rub and wear down nails naturally.

Eye Health:

  • Check eyes daily for redness, swelling, irritation, discharge or crustiness indicating infection. Treat promptly.
  • Wipe away any eye discharge gently with a cotton ball and sterile saline solution to keep eyes clear.
  • Avoid dusty substrates that can irritate eyes. Use unscented paper, aspen, or hemp bedding.

Coat Health:

  • Groom longhaired breeds weekly to prevent matted, tangled fur, especially around feet.
  • Spot clean accidents promptly to avoid coat staining.
  • Provide nesting material like Aspen wool for natural oil distribution during grooming.
  • Note any bald spots or loss of sheen indicating possible illness or stressors.

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