Newborn Care

If you have an intentional or surprise hamster pregnancy, special care is needed for the vulnerable babies. Here are newborn hamster care tips:

  • Leave with Mother – Baby hamsters (pups) should stay with their mother in her nest for 4-5 weeks for necessary nursing and care. Never separate pups prematurely.
  • Supplemental Food – In addition to nursing, provide the mother extra protein-rich foods like cooked egg and mealworms to support milk production.
  • Monitor Growth – Weigh pups regularly to ensure they are growing at a healthy rate and nurse successfully. Contact a vet if you have concerns.
  • Spot Cleaning – Very gently spot clean around mom’s nesting area to remove soiled bedding. Be careful not to disturb the nest.
  • Don’t Handle – Avoid handling pups for the first 2 weeks so they can properly bond with their mother. After 2 weeks, handle minimally.
  • Weaning – Around 3-4 weeks, pups will explore solid food. Provide a shallow dish of hamster food soaked in milk to support the weaning process.
  • Separate by Sex – Once weaned, separate pups into same-sex groups or cages by 4-5 weeks old to prevent unwanted breeding.

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