Teddy Bear (Long Haired) Hamsters

With their cute rounded appearance, teddy bear hamsters make adorable pets. Here’s an overview of their unique traits:

  • Breed – Teddy bear hamsters are a long-haired breed of Syrian hamster, selectively bred for their fluffier coats. They are not a separate hamster species.
  • Size – Much like regular Syrians, teddy bears grow to about 6-7 inches in length. Their long fur makes them appear rounded and plush.
  • Fur – Instead of short hair, teddy bears have longer fur that sticks out all over their body, especially around their face. This gives them a teddy bear look.
  • Care – Aside from occasional grooming, most teddy bear hamster care is the same as caring for short-haired Syrians.
  • Habitat – These active hamsters need lots of floor space. Avoid wire-bottomed cages that can catch their long fur.
  • Solitary – Teddy bears should not be housed with other hamsters due to territorial aggression issues. Even same-sex pairs will fight.
  • Grooming – Long fur is prone to matting and needs gentle weekly brushing. Check for fur around feet and face becoming matted.
  • Lifespan – With proper diet and care, teddy bear hamsters typically live 2-3 years.

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