Veterinary Care

Part of being a responsible hamster owner is providing appropriate veterinary care. Here are some key considerations:

  • Exotic Vet – Hamsters are exotic pets requiring a specialized veterinarian, not a typical cat and dog vet. Find an experienced exotic vet before bringing home your hamster.
  • Annual Checkups – Schedule a wellness exam with your exotic vet once a year to check for emerging issues, even when your hamster seems healthy.
  • New Hamster Exam – Take new hamsters for an initial vet visit within 2 weeks of adoption to confirm health.
  • Signs of Illness – Contact your vet promptly if you notice lethargy, appetite changes, diarrhea, or other concerning symptoms.
  • Diagnostic Testing – Hamsters hide illness well. Lab tests like fecals, urine, bloodwork and biopsies help diagnose internal issues.
  • Anesthesia Risks – All surgeries and dental work require general anesthesia which carries risks for small hamsters. Weigh these carefully.
  • Careful Handling – Hamsters stress easily. Advise your vet on gentle handling approaches and request minimal restraint.

Finding an experienced exotic vet you trust ensures your hamster receives appropriate wellness and emergency care.

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