What Are Hamsters’ Favorite Toys? Toy Choices for Happy Hamsters

Hamsters may enjoy a variety of toys such as exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys. Providing a range of toys can help keep a hamster entertained and stimulated. The favorite toys may vary among individual hamsters based on their personalities and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Hamsters enjoy a variety of toys such as exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys.
  • Each hamster has unique toy preferences, so it’s important to observe which toys they prefer.
  • Offering a variety of toys keeps hamsters entertained and stimulated.
  • Introducing new toys carefully and rotating toys regularly helps maintain interest and prevent boredom.

Exercise Wheels

Exercise wheels are often a favorite toy for hamsters, as they provide your little buddy with both physical and mental stimulation. Not only do they exercise their bodies, but they also challenge their brains as they figure out how to navigate their way around the wheel. Hamsters can also use their wheel to play and explore their environment.

Additionally, the wheel can provide an outlet for excess energy, which helps to keep your hamster healthy and happy. The wheel should be large enough for your hamster to move around freely and should be cleaned regularly to keep it sanitary.

If your hamster has access to an exercise wheel, it can be a great source of entertainment and exercise.


Interestingly, tunnels can also be a great source of entertainment and exploration for your hamster. They provide a great way for your furry friend to explore and exercise. Hamsters love to run through tunnels and explore the different areas they can go to. They also enjoy hiding out in tunnels, and the process of exploring new areas can be exciting for them.

If you set up tunnels in your hamster’s habitat, make sure to provide plenty of access points so your hamster can easily go in and out. Additionally, tunnels should be made of safe materials, such as plastic, so your hamster won’t chew on them and get hurt. Lastly, make sure to provide plenty of bedding in the tunnels so your hamster can make a cozy nest.

All these elements will ensure your hamster has an enjoyable experience exploring tunnels.


Balls are a popular toy for hamsters, and there are many types to choose from. You can provide your hamster with a safe and fun ball that can help keep them entertained and stimulated.

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Make sure to keep an eye on your hamster while they’re playing in their ball as safety is important.

Types of Balls

You may find your hamster loves playing with different types of balls. These can include small rubber balls, plastic balls with bells inside, and even fabric balls.

Rubber balls are perfect for bouncing and rolling, while plastic balls can provide an interesting sound to capture your hamster’s interest. Fabric balls may offer a soft texture that some hamsters prefer.

You can also find larger balls that may be filled with treats or foraging material. These can help keep your hamster stimulated and engaged in play. For instance, the foraging ball can encourage your hamster to explore and search for treats.

No matter which type of ball you select, make sure it’s small enough for your hamster to handle and maneuver.

Benefits of Balls

By playing with balls, you can help keep your hamster entertained and stimulated. Balls are great for hamsters to chase around and can help them get much-needed exercise.

Chew toys made from natural materials like wood can also help hamsters with their natural urge to chew and gnaw.

Balls can also help to keep a hamster’s mind active by providing an interesting object to explore. Hamsters may even find a new hiding spot or learn a new trick with the help of a ball.

Balls can help prevent a hamster from becoming bored by providing a stimulating environment.

Ball Safety

Be sure to supervise your hamster when playing with balls, and make sure that they’re safe. Balls can be a great source of entertainment and exercise for hamsters, but can also present a choking hazard if they’re too small. It’s important to make sure that the balls you purchase are the appropriate size for your hamster and that they don’t have any sharp edges or small parts that could be chewed off and swallowed. Additionally, if there are any signs of wear or damage, discard the ball immediately.

When using a ball, make sure that your hamster is supervised at all times. You can also provide them with a ball that has a bell or other noise-making device inside so that you can easily locate them if they venture too far away. Be mindful that some hamsters may be adventurous and try to escape, so make sure the ball is an appropriate size for your hamster, and that the area is secure.

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Chew Toys

Chew toys are a great way to keep your hamster entertained! They come in a variety of shapes and are usually made out of durable materials.

Plus, they’ve a fun texture that your hamster will love!

Variety of Shapes

Hamsters may enjoy a variety of shapes when it comes to chew toys. From balls to sticks, to cubes or even blocks, there are countless options available to satisfy your little furry friend. Chew toys are great for keeping hamsters entertained and providing them with something to gnaw on, which can help keep their teeth trimmed. Different shapes and textures can also provide added stimulation.

Be sure to keep an eye on your hamster while they’re playing with chew toys, as some of the pieces can be small enough to be a choking hazard. Additionally, it’s important to replace the chew toys regularly, as they can become worn down and damaged over time.

Durable Material

Have you ever wondered what kind of durable materials make the best chew toys for hamsters? Chew toys are essential for a hamster’s dental health, and should be made of materials that can stand up to their sharp teeth.

Hardwood is an excellent material for chew toys, as it’s durable enough to withstand regular use. Other materials such as cardboard, paper, or leather can also be used for chew toys, but they’ll not last as long as hardwood. Soft plastics aren’t suitable for hamsters, as they can easily be chewed and swallowed.

For added fun, you can add treats inside the chew toy to encourage your hamster to explore and play. Be sure to replace the chew toys regularly to ensure your hamster is kept safe and entertained.

Fun Texture

Frequently, you can provide your hamster with chew toys that have fun textures for added entertainment and stimulation. Chew toys are usually made from a durable material to help them withstand a hamster’s relentless chewing.

Textured toy materials can range from wood, cardboard, or plastic. These materials can offer different textures, from soft and spongy to hard and rigid. Cardboard tubes can provide an interesting texture that your hamster can explore and play with. Wooden chew toys can provide a different texture and can be a great way to give your hamster a natural chewing experience.

For a different texture, you can even stuff a toy with hay or other treats. Hamsters will often enjoy exploring, chewing, and playing with these various textures. Be sure to regularly inspect chew toys for wear and tear and replace as needed.

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Providing Variety

By providing a variety of toys, you can help keep your hamster entertained and stimulated. Exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys are all popular choices. Each hamster may have their own favorite toy, as their preferences vary from one individual to the next.

It’s important to give them the opportunity to explore and choose which type of toy they enjoy the most. Experimenting with different types of toys can help ensure your pet stays engaged and active. You can also rotate toys to keep your hamster from becoming bored with the same ones.

Try introducing new toys every few weeks to keep your hamster entertained and provide them with a stimulating environment. Offering a range of toys can help keep your hamster happy and healthy.

Individual Preferences

What toys do your hamster prefer?

Every hamster is unique and will have different tastes. While some may enjoy exercise wheels, others may prefer tunnels and balls. Chew toys are also a popular option.

It’s important to provide a variety of toys and observe which ones your hamster prefers. This way, you can ensure they’re kept entertained and stimulated. You may even find a favorite toy they’ll play with more than the others.

It’s worth trying different types of toys to find out which ones your little friend enjoys the most.

Keeping Hamsters Entertained

By offering a variety of toys, you can keep your hamster entertained. Exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys are all types of toys that can appeal to your pet. Depending on their own personality and preferences, your hamster may have a favorite toy that they always go back to.

When introducing a new toy to your hamster, it’s important to watch them carefully to make sure they use it safely. If your hamster doesn’t seem to take to the toy right away, it could still become a favorite in time. Variety is key when it comes to keeping your hamster entertained.

Rotating the toys you offer can help maintain your pet’s interest and keep them stimulated. Be sure to provide your hamster with plenty of toys and switch them up often.