What Do Hamsters Like to Play With? Enriching Toys

Hamsters like to play with a variety of toys such as exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys. They also enjoy climbing structures and burrowing through bedding. Providing a range of safe and stimulating toys can help satisfy their natural instincts and keep them active.

Key Takeaways

  • Hamsters enjoy toys that provide physical activity and stimulation, such as exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys.
  • Toys that stimulate intellectual development, such as toys with different textures, colors, and shapes, puzzles, and mazes, are beneficial for hamsters.
  • Toys that promote coordination and agility, such as exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and climbing structures, are important for keeping hamsters active and engaged.
  • Providing a variety of toys that satisfy hamsters’ natural instincts, such as burrowing and climbing activities, can keep them entertained and stimulated.

Exercise Wheels

You can provide your hamster with an exercise wheel to satisfy their natural instincts and keep them active. Exercise wheels are a great toy for hamsters, allowing them to get plenty of exercise and stimulation without having to leave their cage.

Exercise wheels come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it’s important to choose the right one for your pet. Make sure the wheel is wide enough for your hamster to move around easily and is securely attached to the cage. Exercise wheels should also be made from a safe material that won’t harm your pet.

Hamsters typically enjoy running on their wheels, so it’s important to keep it clean and free of debris. This won’t only help your pet stay healthy but will also make it more enjoyable for them to use.


You can also provide your hamster with tunnels for them to explore and play in. Tunnels provide a great way for hamsters to explore and stay active. They can run and climb through the tunnels, or simply hide out in them, giving them a sense of security.

Hamsters also enjoy digging in the tunnels and rearranging the material as they go. Tunnels can be made from a variety of materials such as cardboard, wood, and plastic. Just make sure the material is safe for your hamster and that they can’t chew through it.

When choosing a tunnel for your hamster, be sure to get one that’s large enough for them to move around in comfortably. Tunnels are a great addition to any hamster’s home, providing them with a safe and stimulating environment to explore.


If you’re looking to provide your hamster with an exciting and stimulating toy, balls can be a great option.

From plastic balls to more durable hard rubber ones, there are a variety of different types to choose from.

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Not only are balls fun for your hamster to play with, but they also provide your pet with a way to get exercise.

Types of Balls

Hamsters love to play with a variety of ball toys, such as ping-pong balls, exercise balls, and small balls that make noise or move around. These balls provide hours of entertainment, and can help your hamster stay active.

Ping-pong balls are lightweight and easy for a hamster to push around. Exercise balls are the perfect size for a hamster to climb in and out of, and a great way to keep him active. Small balls that move around or make noise are fun to chase and explore.

All of these balls can help to stimulate your hamster’s natural instincts. When selecting a ball for your pet, make sure to get one that’s made of safe materials and won’t pose a choking hazard.

With the right ball, your hamster will have a great time playing and exploring.

Benefits of Playing

Playing with balls offers a variety of benefits for your hamster. Not only does it provide an outlet for them to expend their energy, but it also helps them stay mentally active and engaged. Chewing on a ball helps keep their teeth clean and strong, and it’s also a great way to satisfy their natural curiosity. Playing with balls can also help hamsters to develop their coordination, balance, and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, playing with balls is a great way to bond with your hamster, as it can be a fun and interactive activity for both of you. Depending on the type of ball you choose, you can even add treats to the inside for an extra challenge.

Safety Tips

When playing with balls, make sure to take safety precautions. Hamsters are curious creatures and may try to squeeze into or ingest small objects. Only use balls specifically designed for hamsters, as regular balls may contain small parts that can be a choking hazard. Be sure to supervise your hamster while playing and never leave a ball in their cage, as they can get stuck and become a suffocation hazard.

Additionally, balls with bells inside should be avoided as the noise can cause stress to the hamster.

Finally, when playing with a ball, it’s important to make sure the space is secure and free of obstacles that might cause injury. If you have other pets in the house, be sure to keep them away while your hamster is playing.

With these safety tips, your hamster can enjoy playing with balls without the risk of harm.

Chew Toys

You can provide your hamster with a variety of chew toys to satisfy their natural instincts. Chew toys are important for hamsters to help keep their teeth from overgrowing. Chew toys come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are often made of wood, cardboard, or even plastic. When choosing a chew toy, make sure it’s safe and non-toxic.

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You should also make sure that it’s the right size for your hamster so that they can safely chew on it without any risk of choking. Many chew toys also have textured surfaces that help to massage your hamster’s gums and keep their teeth clean. Be sure to regularly inspect your hamster’s chew toys to make sure that they aren’t worn down or broken, as this could be a choking hazard.

Climbing Structures

You can also give your hamster climbing structures to explore and play on. These provide a fun way for your pet to exercise and satisfy its natural curiosity. Look for structures that are made from pet-safe materials and are sturdy enough to support your hamster. Be sure to check for any sharp edges or loose parts that could injure your pet.

Place the structure in an area where your hamster can safely climb and explore without being disturbed. You can also add new toys and treats to the structure to make it more interesting. Add ramps to provide a challenge or places for your hamster to hide. Just be sure to keep an eye on your pet to make sure they don’t get too carried away!

Burrowing Through Bedding

You can give your hamster bedding to burrow through, and they’ll enjoy it! Hamsters like to explore and hide, so giving them a bedding material they can dig through can keep them stimulated and entertained.

Burrowing through bedding is a great way for them to get their daily exercise and explore their environment. The bedding should be made of natural materials, such as wood shavings or shredded paper, to avoid any potential health problems. When filling the burrow with bedding, make sure that it isn’t too deep or too shallow. A layer of about three inches is the ideal depth.

As they burrow, they’ll likely make a nest for themselves and carry bedding back and forth to create a comfortable space. Encourage their natural nesting instinct by providing them with extra bedding to use. Make sure to regularly check on the bedding to make sure they aren’t getting too deep and are kept safe.

Benefits of Toys

Toys can provide your hamster with mental stimulation, physical activity, and satisfaction of their natural instincts.

Not only can these toys help them stay active, but they can also help them use their natural skills in a safe and stimulating environment.

With so many benefits to using toys, it’s no wonder why hamsters enjoy playing with them.

Mental Stimulation

By providing a variety of toys, you can help keep your hamster mentally stimulated and active. Toys like exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys help satisfy their natural instincts and keep them entertained. Climbing structures and burrowing through bedding are also activities that allow hamsters to explore and expand their minds.

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With a wide variety of options, your hamster can explore different textures, colors, and shapes that can help stimulate their intellectual development. Toys can also enhance your hamster’s problem-solving skills. By providing them with puzzles or mazes, they can keep their minds sharp and engaged.

Additionally, toys can help your hamster with their coordination and agility. With a combination of physical and mental stimulation, your hamster will stay active and engaged.

Physical Activity

You’ll find that toys can help your hamster stay physically active. Exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys are all great ways to keep your hamster entertained. They also enjoy climbing structures that encourage them to explore their environment. Burrowing through bedding is an activity that they enjoy too.

Providing a variety of toys can help to satisfy their natural instincts and keep them engaged. Not only will it make them active, but it will also keep them healthy and happy. Playing with toys also gives your hamster the opportunity to increase their physical strength and agility. It will also help to stimulate their minds, as they figure out how to reach their goal.

Choose toys that are durable, safe, and easy for your hamster to handle. Try to rotate toys to keep them from getting bored and to encourage natural exploration. Hamsters are naturally inquisitive and active, so make sure to provide them with plenty of toys to keep them occupied and happy.

Natural Instincts

By providing a range of toys, you can help to satisfy your hamster’s natural instincts and keep them active. Exercise wheels, tunnels, balls, and chew toys are great choices that provide hours of entertainment.

Hamsters also love to climb and burrow, so they can benefit from structures and bedding designed just for them.

Toys can provide a stimulating environment for your hamster and encourage them to stay active. It’s important to choose toys that are safe and secure, as hamsters can get injured if they aren’t monitored.

Toys that are too small or sharp can be dangerous, so make sure to choose ones that are the right size for your pet. Additionally, be sure to clean your hamster’s toys regularly to keep them healthy and sanitary.

With the right toys, your hamster can stay active and healthy while satisfying their natural instincts.